Branding Example

What elements does branding consist of?

These are the elements of branding that you need to create in order to determine how customers will perceive your business:

Your mission statement and your brand values are the foundation of your branding.

Think of your mission as the brain of the business – a short and sweet statement that defines the current state and purpose of your company.

Your company’s vision, meanwhile, is its heart and offers an inspiring and motivating snapshot of what you want to achieve in the long term.

Your logo is the face of your company and designing your logo is without a doubt the most important branding for your company.

During the design process, think about who you are as a brand and how you want to be perceived by your customers.

Use this as a basis for your design strategy.

Designing your website is also an important step in branding.

Your website is your brand’s digital home and when your customers visit it should be visually appealing, easy to use, and a reflection of who you are as a brand.

As with your logo, you should refer to your branding guide to choose elements for your web design (e.g. layout and fonts).