Design Contract

The Gambia/West Africa
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GPEAS starts the Work:
After a deposit payment of 50% of the total invoice amount.

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The customer provides GPEAS all services agreed to implement the required documents and materials before start of production.

The customer assures that he to surrender to the GPEAS
handed materials is justified.

If the customer does not receive such insurance is authorized to use the documents, the customer GPEAS free of all claims by third parties.

The customer is obligated under its duty to cooperate, and to appoint an expert with extensive negotiation and conclusion of powers of attorney to contact, who shall be responsible for compliance with the obligation to cooperate concern.

The contract is the agreed-called creative, technical or advisory capacity and not to achieve a particular commercial success.

The agreed services are produced using the material sent with the order, taking into account as part of each telephone counseling session held wishes of customers.

Under the contract consists of design freedom.

When ordering, a deposit payment of 50% of the total invoice amount.

The agreed invoice amount will be immediately invoiced by GPEAS due.

Before invoicing is a (partial) acceptance occurs, so does the maturity of an already successful with (partial) acceptance.

The default occurs within 30 days after the due date and receipt of invoice if the customer has not paid within those 30 days.

All payments shall be made to the GPEAS bank account. To a claim of lien, the customer is only entitled to if his counter-claim is legally and uncontested.

Should the client wish to withdraw during the development process, its mission is GPEAS incurred to date work in accounting. Does not use the completed contract work, then the agreed compensation still due.

Services that go beyond the scope of the provision will also provide the principal, unless otherwise agreed, be invoiced separately.