Jollof Looks

Jollof Looks Tailoring & Fashion Designer Shop will produce African clothing in the Gambia.

In 5 years we want to expand to other African countries and later to the whole world.

African clothing is indeed one of the identities of people of African descent.

Regardless of the part of the world they live in, most Africans will do everything possible to identify with their roots by adorning African clothing.

Non-Africans also wear African clothing.
Therefore, the market for fashion designers in Africa is large.

Jollof sees itself as a tailor and fashion designer, fashion and design company, able to generate profits and compete cost-effectively with leading companies.
We will do all the Gambian law allows to achieve our business goals and ambitions.

Our range of products and services is listed below.

Design and stitching of women’s and men’s clothing: we sew traditional, non-traditional, fancy, simple, everyday, modern and stylish dresses, dresses and coats for women with the desired embroidery or patterns. We will also design and sew traditional or non-traditional shirts, pants and coats for male customers.

Design and sewing of clothes for children: we will also sew unusual and simple scarves, uniforms and coats for the children.

Sewing Sewed Garments: We will repair all kinds of defects in your sewn fabric, such as: For example: B. Faulty fitting or if your dress is torn, or in any other case by applying a patch, embroidery or other method.

Selling ready-made dresses online: In addition to sewing the specified scarves, we are selling some ready-made dresses by promoting them on our social media platform Facebook, WhatsApps and the Instergram Apps website for sale online.

Design and manufacture of dresses for marriages according to African tradition (couples, bridal trains and groomsmen et al.)
Jollof Looks tailor and fashion designer shop ensures that we hold ourselves accountable at the highest level by precisely and completely meeting our customers’ needs.

Jollof Looks Tailoring & Fashion Designer Shop creates a work environment that offers our partners, employees and customers a human, sustainable approach to earn a living and to live in our world.

Jollof Looks Tailoring & Fashion Designer Shop

Phone: +220 3182665

JT’s Creation

JT’s Creation

JT’s Creation is a Woman owned business that specializes in the design and production of casual wear, footwear and bags using different varieties of fabrics.


We also engage in the recycling of plastics, wine bottles, calabash, and coconut shells and transform them into elegant interior décor and accessories.

Craft manufacturing venture that modify and use African fabrics to create modern design eg, apparel, shoes, ladies bag and accessories.


Kanifing, Serrekunda, The Gambia

Mobile: +220 3671001



Wudsin Creation

Wudsin creation is a garment and handy craft manufacturing venture that modify and use African fabrics to Create modern design eg, apparel, shoes, ladies bag and accessories.


Mobile: +220 7817806


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