About us

Global Partners Enterprise Advisory Services (GPEAS) is a sole proprietor registered in the Gambia (SRN: 181018287) incorporated under the companies ACT 2013 and registered with the Ministry of Justice; as Business Advisory Services.

Since we began working with clients three decades ago, GPEAS Consulting has believed that if we do the right things – aligning people, processes, and metrics with customers’ expectations – we will get to the right place.

Our values inform our methodology.

Our practice has evolved throughout our history, as collaborations with our clients and across our team have taken our collective expertise to ever-greater levels.

Guiding Principles:

We follow our Guiding Principles on every project, and are often pleased to hear clients and their employee team members remark that we “walk our talk.”


Would it be trite to propose that organizations need a reliable process for improving processes?  We think not.

The complexities and inter dependencies within your business grow every single day. The competition is unrelenting, and the changes in customer, employee, supply chain, technology and regulatory requirements are constant; simultaneously creating and out dating operational and organizational parts of your business.  You need an effective and efficient methodology for maintaining alignment of all operational elements with your strategies as they evolve. 

We can help your business achieve and sustain its performance improvement objectives in the face of these kinds of changes, with an approach that is team-based, hands-on, supportive, and results-oriented. Our methodology is reliable, straight-forward and pays dividends long after we’re gone.

  • Involve the people who do the work and support them with insights and new ideas to draw the best from them
  • Empower and enable the team by supporting them with the technology, tools and skills they need
  • Respect their time and expertise with a thoughtful approach that contemplates their roles, responsibilities and daily business realities
  • Establish  an environment of performance cultivation through systematic attention to goals, process, structure, roles, communication and evaluation