Our Clients

We are privileged to work with select individuals, companies, nonprofits, institutions and intermediaries in all 5 administrative regions in The Gambia and more than 20 languages and Africa territories around the world.

While we provide peace of mind through taking care of youths to encourage and engage them in business and forgo going to Europe through back way. We do this by developing a deep understanding of their needs, challenges and ambition – taking a proactive, combined with practical and pragmatic business advice, that they can make critical decisions with confidence.  GPEAS is a community of progressive and diverse advisers. With advisers from 5 administrative regions, and even more languages, from all walks of life, you’ll have no trouble finding  adviser or colleague you can connect with. If you are a client, this is a great way to find the most masterful coaches in the world.

GPEAS is an independent consultancy firm committed to bust up country’s economic development SMEs and Exporters delivering advisory or coaching, tasked with attracting new foreign investment as well as facilitating the growth of existing businesses in their operation’s.

GPEAS is the right business advisory service that can help your business rise to the challenges and leverage the opportunities presented by today’s complex global economy. When choosing a consultancy firm for a business advisory partner to work with you as an individual or institutions; we are available for you.