Your own website for advertising on the Internet

Founders and entrepreneurs can hardly be imagined without their own website.

It often serves as a business card on the web and often also as a direct sales channel, as orders can be triggered via it or the integrated web shop.

In addition, the visitors who are to be attracted with other marketing activities will sooner or later also be directed to the website. In this respect, it is an anchor point in online marketing and advertising on the Internet.

When it comes to the website, points such as design, layout, programming, legal aspects and, in relation to sales, of course, conversion must be taken into account.

These topics are very extensive and it is generally advisable to commission experts to create your website if this plays an important role in your marketing concept.

You will find numerous tips and advice on everything to do with your own web shop and e-commerce in our Retail & E-Commerce section.

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