Startups need to advertise

The first steps are always the most important – also for startups. Startups have to initiate meaningful and above all inexpensive startup marketing measures. In principle, they have the most difficult time of all companies, because they first have to make themselves known. Of course, the quality of the products or services must not suffer. However, at the beginning of entrepreneurship, the most important thing is to show that you are there. Because of this, marketing plays an immense role. This will not change over time, but budgets are often tight, especially at the beginning, and you have to look carefully at how your own advertising can be operated. In addition to many “free” marketing measures, there are four options that must definitely be prepared and implemented.

  1. A decent website is needed
    A website is very important nowadays. No matter whether a start-up offers a digital product or is active offline. It is essential to have your own successful presence on the Internet, because many people look for products and services online. The Internet is very often the first point of contact and the greatest opportunity for “NoName” providers who have to establish themselves. For this reason, startups need a professional website. This should definitely be search engine optimized, because the competition on the net is very big.
  2. Films and photos
    Product films or an image film are often required for the website. Photos are also needed. These can also be used in flyers and brochures. Movies don’t have to cost a lot of money. Here it depends on the content. Nevertheless, they play an important role in your own marketing mix. Photos are essential. It is best for startups to have professional photos taken. Over time, these can be used in so many ways that the investment is worthwhile from the start. At the latest with the first PR work, founder photos or team photos are required.
  3. Print materials
    Depending on which industry a startup is in, print materials are required. Your own business card goes without saying. But even those who work regionally should have flyers available that can be displayed anywhere. Brochures can explain your own business idea. Billboard advertising can make a difference if it appears in selected places. Startups have to think very carefully about where to place which advertising.
  4. Know target groups
    Before any of these promotions, it is important that the target audience is clearly defined. This means that such an analysis is always necessary in the first step. A marketing campaign can then be started based on this. If you don’t know the target group exactly, you can quickly burn a lot of money in ineffective advertising. For this reason, the cheapest advertising measure is not always the best. Advertising must be clearly and unambiguously aimed at the target group.