Our Services

GPEAS is established with the aim to help Businesses identify strength, and overcome weakness by unlock their growth to change any relation to various factors that include the socio-economic, environment and the age of the enterprise.

While a start-up undertaking may priorities funding and market entry, a more established undertaking priorities new market penetration, change management, innovation and corporate governance.

We are independent and experienced experts, offer hands on, practical help, advice and support in specific business areas that help make a difference to business success


GPEAS has established a team of business consultants that have the capabilities to address or tackle all aspects of business at different stages of development. That can help you in areas that are lacking or have room for improvement. Managing finances, marketing your product or service better and more widely, embark on research and development activities, to improving your operations.

We provide Business advisory services with the aim to support undertakings identify strengths and overcome weaknesses in specific areas.

A range of Business advisors services are available and every effort is made to match the right advisor to the specific needs of the applicant.

GPEAS defines advisory services as those services where the practitioner “develops findings, conclusions, and recommendations for client consideration and decision making.”

GPEAS further provides examples of advisory services that include “an operational review and improvement study, analysis of any business.

In this type of engagement, a consulting firm would be hired to advise their client on firm strategy, give recommendations based on market conditions, provide specialized expertise in specific industries, such as:

Advisers typically work with clients on a long-term basis and assume leadership roles within a business or company, whereas consultants usually work on a short-term basis and address a very specific problem or an underlying constraint that’s affecting a business or company.

At GPEAS we provide clients with advisory services that offer services that include: bookkeeping, financial strategy, Business Plans, IT and software recommendations, management reporting, industry benchmark, cash flow forecasting, business performance reviews, process automation, budgeting, goal tracking and strategic.

At GPEAS, we are providing advisory services in:

Our Business Viability and Start-up business Strategy consulting framework focuses on:

Our Business Viability for ongoing business Strategy consulting framework focuses on: