Step by step

Many people dream of having their own business.

Small businesses account for 99% of all businesses in the world. Businesses are the result of people’s aspirations for financial freedom, a career that grows with them and the path to achieving their dreams.

Thousands of small businesses are started each year.

However, only 1% of them are posited for success and less than 0.005% become major businesses.

Why is that?

The major flaws of most businesses lie with its founders.

The success of a business is dependent on external factors but most businesses suffer from improper planning and poor execution of an idea.
A business needs to tick a few boxes before it can pull off and get ready to face those external factors.

This step by step guide has been created as a reference checklist for a future businessperson like you.

Good luck with your journey as an entrepreneur.

Before we go ahead with the checklist you need to tick-off while starting a business, let us concern ourselves with the preparations.

Once you have an idea for your business, the initial step is to discuss it.
Talk to your family, friends, mentors, and mentees.
Take everyone’s opinion.
The people who will like your idea will give you confidence.

Ask for insight from the people who do not like it. They will give you crucial information regarding the flaws in your idea.

Once you’re past this, you can begin the process of starting your own business.

Here is a step-by-step guide for the same: